2021 WUWM Florence Conference Held - CAWA Leaded Chinese Members Attended Online

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Over the past year, we have witnessed fragilities of food supply chains around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has upset the food system like never before. From logistical issues and a shortage of work force, to radical changes in market demand, each country shared challenging moments unprecedentedly. Under this circumstance, the Would Union of Wholesale Market’s (WUWM) hosted the conference titled “Fresh Food Distribution in the Post COVID-19 World: Challenges, Opportunities and Pathways to Ensure Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems and Access to Healthy Diets” in Florence, Italy on June 25th 2021. China Agricultural Wholesale Market Association (CAWA) leaded the delegation of 20 participants from Chinese member joining the online meeting.

The conference includes 3 sessions: high-level plenary, plenary and roundtables. Following honored guest attend the conference and delivered opening speech with the theme of “Healthy Diet for the Planet: Challenges and Pathways to Ensure a Sustainable Food System Worldwide”, which are Qu Dongyu, General Director of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations; Dr. Martin Frick, Special Envoy of the United NationForum of Sustainability Standards (UNFSS); Stephane Layani, Chairman of WUWM and etc.

The plenary theme is “The future Food inthe Post-Covid-19 World". Mr. Ma Zengjun, Chairman of CAWA was invited to make a keynote speech titled “Changes of China’s Agricultural Wholesale Markets in Ensuring the Supply of Fresh Produce in the Post-pandemic Era”. He elaborated the three changes of China’s agricultural wholesale markets under the pandemic situations, which are increase in the proportion of online sales, strengthened supervision of cold chain food, and formulated contingency plan of the market. Other distinguished speakers in this session were Jamie Morison, Director of Food Systems and Food Safety Division at FAO; Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director at Global Alliance for Better Nutrition (“GAIN”); Andrea Segre, Professor of International Agricultural Policy at Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Carolyn Steel, Author of Sitopia-How Food Can Save the World.

Previously, on June 24, the WUWM Board Meeting held in Florence, Mr. Ma Zengjun attended the conference online as a board of director. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the WUWM Board Election had been elected online, with 4 years term for all board of directors from June 2021 to June 2025.

The listof new WUWM Board is as following:

  • Stephan Layani , Chairman of WUWM

  • Ioannis Triantafyllis, Vice-Chairman of WUWM and Managing Directorof the Central Markets and Fishing Organization, Greece

  • Fabio Massimo Pallottini, Chairman of the European WUWM Working Group, and President of Italmercati, Italy

  • Ma Zengjun, Chairman of Asia-Pacific WUWM Working Group, and CAWA,China

  • Arturo Fernandez, Chairman of the Americas WUWM Working Group andthe President of FLAMA, Latin America

  • Jean-Paul Auguste, Chairman of WUWM's Retail Section and of Groupe Geraud, France and UK

  • Michal Kostelecki, Director of Silesia Wholesale Flower Market, Poland

  • Eliane Steinmeyer, Director of Hamburg Wholesale Market, Germany

  • Laurent Nys, Head of Brussel's Wholesale Market MABRU, Belgium

  • Dr. Yadav, Director at COSAMB and Haryana International Horticultural Marketing Corporation, India

  • José Ramón Sempere, President of the Spanish Collective of Wholesale Markets MERCASA, Spain

  • Natasa Putnik, CEO of Belgrade Market, Serbia

  • Raul Gibaudat, Director General of Mercado Berazategui, Argentina

  • Eva Marone, Marché de Gros de Bouaké, Ivory Coast

As WUWM APRG Secretariat, CAWA will continue participating in related work with WUWM actively as always, promoting the international communications of Chinese agricultural wholesale markets, and being the communication bridge of agro-products distributors and importers in both Asia-Pacific region and all over the world, facilitating the interactions and cooperation between China and Asia-Pacific region as well as international area, playing a positive role in fresh food circulation to build a resilient and sustainable food system.

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