"Korea High-quality Agricultural Products Online Promotion Event"

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On September 4, co-sponsored by the China Agricultural Wholesale Market Association (CAWA), Korea Agro-fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT), and Karak Agriculture & Fish-Market of SouthKorea, the "Korea High-quality Agricultural Products Online Promotion Event" was successfully held.

Mr. Ge Zhirong, Deputy Director of ExpertCommittee of China Brand Building Promotion Association and former DeputyDirector of AQSIQ, delivered the opening address. In his opening speech, Mr. Gesaid that the promotion event meant not only the harvest of fruits andvegetables, but also the fruitful result of promoting international trade ofagricultural products by institutions from China and South Korea. Since Chinahas arrived at the stage of regular epidemic prevention and control and workresumption in economics during the fight against COVID-19, China has been elevatingopening-up to a higher level and promoting the circulation of interactivedevelopment at home and abroad. So, in this sense, this event reflected theconsensus between China and South Korea to strengthen cooperation, promotetrade development, and oppose trade protectionism, and it was of greatsignificance to further deepen agricultural trade cooperation between twocountries.

Regarding how to expand bilateralagricultural trade in the future, he put forward the following views. First,strengthen cooperation. Considering the interests of the country and thepeople, both sides should advance cooperation plans in import& export trade and other various fields. To achieve this, we must oppose trade protectionism morefirmly and promote trade liberalization. Second, ensure the smooth trade development. Both parties must guarantee the quality and safety of their agricultural products and food for export. To achieve this, we should start from the source, and supervise the whole process, so that the products meet the standards agreed upon by both parties, in order to ensure the interests of consumers. Third, promote trade facilitation. Both sides should take some measures to make bilateral trade more convenient, efficient and low-cost forwin-win cooperation. Fourth, maintain and develop China-South Korea relations. Bothsides should seek support from government sectors actively to ensure the smoothand steady development of China-South Korea trade.

Mr. Lee Byung-ho, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of aT, said that he was glad to show high-quality and safe South Koreanagricultural products such as paprika, grape and mushroom to Chinese markets onthis occasion. He also hoped the promotion can deepen the understanding andcooperation between the two countries in production and distribution of freshagricultural products. In the future, aT will also help South Korean producersand Chinese importers to make good South-Korean agricultural products draw moreattention from the public.

Mr. Ma Zengjun, Chairman of WUWM and CAWA,claimed that this online promotion event meant a new probe into sales of SouthKorean premium agricultural product in Chinese markets during COIVD-19pandemic. Based on the long-term cooperation between CAWA, aT and KarakAgriculture & Fish-Market, the online promotion of paprika, grapes andmushroom was an exploration to provide innovative services for traders, inorder to better carry out on-the-spot services. He believed that there would bemuch more to explore in the future. Therefore, Mr. Ma put forward some newfrontiers to exploit. First, both sides should do research on discussing and establishinga unified standard system for the gradation of premium agricultural products. Second,explore brand-new distribution channels. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, digitaltransformation has been a new trend. So, in this sense, new distributionchannels should be placed on the agenda. Third, cooperation for win-winoutcomes. CAWA, aT and Karak Market can give support to importers and exporters from the two countries in finding new distribution channels and modes; so thatChinese customers could purchase cost-effective agricultural products whilepremium products from South Korea selling at a good price. To achieve thewin-win outcomes among the exporters, importers and consumers, CAWA will makeefforts on international trade and fulfilling China-South Korean agriculturalproduct distribution plan. Besides, CAWA will communicate with related institutionsfor endorsement.

In the product promotion part, representatives from South Korea gave online representations on the export situation andadvantages of their paprika, grapes and mushroom in details. For the better effect, Korean representative Mr. Chung-ARang’s live demonstration letparticipants have a more intuitive understanding on the features and quality ofproducts.

Mr. Ye Canjiang, CEO of Guangzhou JiangnanAgricultural Group and Jiangnan Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Market, Mr. LiGuangji, Vice President of Shanghai Vegetable (Group) Co., Ltd. and Mr. CuiYang, Imported Fruit Marketing Manager of Beijing Xinfadi CuixianyuanFresh-keeping Cold Storage Co., Ltd. introduced the import and export ofagricultural products in their wholesale markets. During this part, Chinese representatives unanimously agreed that geographical proximity of China andSouth Korea gave rise to the similarity in culture and eating habits. Moreover,South Korea's agricultural products are rich in varieties and high in quality,which matches Chinese consumers’ needs.

The event was hosted by Mr. Na Shaoping,Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of CAWA. Experts and representatives fromaT, Institute of New Circulation, Department of Agricultural Economics andRural Development of Seoul University, Rural Development Administration ofSouth Korea (RDA), Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI), more than 60 Chineseimported agricultural products wholesalers, retailers, and e-commerce companiesand 10 Korean agricultural product exporters participate in this event in theonline meeting room.

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