Chinese Shixia longans hit the market

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Recently, Shixia longans have hit the market. Prices are between 10 yuan and 18 yuan per kilo, which are slightly lower than in the same period last year. Some growers reported that most of the products currently on the market are of the Shixia variety from Gaozhou, Guangdong. Volumes with better quality are marketed at 18 yuan per kilo while those with slightly inferior quality are marketed at 14 yuan and those with average quality at 10 yuan.

In general, consumers prefer large sizes with thick flesh and small pits. The Shixia variety currently on the market is known for its sweetness and freshness, but the size is small. Its shape is round and its peel is thin and soft. The variety is currently selling well. As the fruit has just become available, prices are still high. After varieties such as Chuliang and Guangyan hit the market, prices are likely to decline slightly. In addition, due to the high yield this year, prices are expected to be lower than the same period in previous years. (Source: Yulin News)

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