Indonesian Officials Visit CAWA to Improve Bilateral Agricultural Trade

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On November 12, 2019, Ms. Banun Harpini, senioradviser to the Minister on Trade and International Relations of the Ministry ofAgriculture of Indonesia, led a delegation to visit China AgriculturalWholesale Markets Association (CAWA). Mr. Na Shaoping, vice chairman and secretarygeneral of CAWA, warmly received and held friend and in-depth talks with thedelegation. The two parties exchanged views on promoting cooperation inagricultural sector between China and Indonesia.

Ms.Harpini elaborated Indonesia's agricultural industry, bird's nest resourceendowment and policy environment, and welcomed Chinese investors to Indonesiafor cooperative investment.She highlighted the development ofagricultural trade between Indonesia and China, especially the outcome ofbird's nest trade, and expressed her hope for further promoting the ofbilateral trade between China and Indonesia. Ms. Harpini said that according tothe analysis of the current situation of China's market demand, Indonesia hopesdevelop the bilateral trade on dragon fruit, pineapple, pork and frozen chickenwith China in the near future.

Mr.Na gave a comprehensive introduction to the exchanges and cooperation betweenCAWA and the Indonesian government and business associations in recent years,including the economic and trade activities between China and Indonesia and thecooperation intention of Chinese investors to help Indonesia establish agriculturalwholesale markets. He is concerned about export of bird's nest from Indonesia andexpressed that CAWA will assist with the bird's nest export standards withrelevant departments in China.

Chinaand Indonesia are important agricultural trading partners of each other. Withthe upgrading of consumption in China, there is a huge demand for high-qualityproducts in the domestic market. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen thedevelopment of bird's nest and other agricultural products trade between Chinaand Indonesia, as well as the cooperation in agricultural industrial chain.Besides, it may help deepen the understanding of Chinese investors andmanufacturers on Indonesia's agricultural products and investment fields.

Duringthe meeting, the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on China andIndonesia's bird's nest trade and Chinese companies' investment in Indonesia. Ms.Harpini said that the Indonesian government is active in adjusting foreigninvestment-related provisions at the policy and legal level and is committed toproviding a more stable investment environment in Indonesia for foreigninvestors. In addition, relevant authorities in Indonesia are exploring theestablishment of bird's nest industry standards to regulate the Indonesianbird's nest industry and promote the legal exportation.

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