Spanish Ham

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Even raw ham the hoof bone in the whole root is one of Spain's most delicious culinary specialties. Serrano ham and Iberian ham, two varieties of excellent and superior quality in the world is unique. Spanish ham centuries has been handmade, making ham seasoned room with nature weather conditions. Production process is almost entirely only with coarse salt to taste, and just dry naturally rare smoked ham, very simple and natural. Ham are after the processing of the machines of the latest generation of the modern enterprise, but has all EU health guarantee.

Spanish ham is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, and contains a lot of fat oleic acid, with a high nutritional value. Can be eaten with bread, savory and sweet dishes or the edible salad, ages.

The EMBUTIDOS FERMÍN SA Group was founded in 1956, is maintaining the traditional Spanish ham producers, ham production process, the full range of ham types, from the excellent quality Iberian ham to the price of the white pig ham, all production.

Food Exhibition 1995, won the "Fourth National ham taste Conference Award." Spain excellent food Enterprise Award 2005 won. In 2007, won the the world ham Assembly awarded "Enterprise History Award. Its sales network throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, prestigious.

1993, the first to be allowed to export to other EC countries as well as Switzerland. November 17, 1999 to become the first permitted to export to Japan, one of the two Spanish companies. 2002, exports to South Korea. 2006 Iberian ham officially exported to the United States.

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