Turkish Dried Fruits

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Turkey is one of the unique countries in the world for agricultural production and Turkey’s unique superiority with respect to agricultural production allows her to produce many agricultural products.Except for some tropical products,almost every kind of agricultural product can be produced on a large scale in Turkey. Dried fruits is one of Turkey’s major agricultural sector s and Turkey is the most important country in the world with respect to the production and export of dried fruits. Turkish dried fruits’production and dominate world markets.

Among the dried fruits produced in Turkey, raisins(sultanas),dried apricots and dried figs have the lion’s share.Because of their major significance in agricultural exports,they are regarded as traditional Turkish agricultural export items.Turkey also produces and exports other kind of dried fruits such as prunes,currants,dried apples,dried pears,dried mulberries,dried peaches,etc.


Grapes,figs and apricots are miracles from the standpoint of their composition and have been accepted as sacred fruits throughout history.Dried fruits are called nature’s candy and they are among most nutritious fruits in the world. They are cholesterol-free,rich in vitamins and minerals, and totally fat-free.

Dried fruits are a good source of fiber and also rich in antioxidants.

Dried fruits are invaluable for human health and provide consumers with many advantages in terms of nourishment.Dried fruits,with many of the major vitamins and minerals in their composition,are found to be useful in many functions of the human body,some of which are as follows:
· Regulation of the functioning of the brain,giving energy and helping to release stress,helping in the recovery of the liver, known to be the most important organ for storage and waste disposal in the body,
· Playing an important role in keeping the bones and teeth health healthier and stronger,
· Prevention of anemia by increasing blood production.In addition to playing an important role in the therapy of stomach and intestinal ulcers,
· Decreasing the formation of kidney stones,
· Providing a regulatory role in the reproduction system,
· Acting as a cancer preventative,
· Making cardiac muscles stronger and the functioning of the heart more regular.
· Helping child growth,curing diseases with inflammation and fever,as well as kidney and liver diseases,
· Treating skin pigmentation diseases.

Dried fruits are widely used in the food sector as well as being consumed as a snack. Some consumption forms of dried fruits are as follows:

Raisins are an indispensable ingredient in breads,cakes,cookies,pies,tarts and different pastries in the bakery sector.They are an excellent addition to a wide range of candies,puddings and other wonderful confectioneries.They are mixed or added to many cereals and cereal-based products like muesli logs,fruit filled cereals,nuggets and texturizers in different types of yogurt,ice creams and even in some types of cheese.

Dried Apricots
Dried apricots are mostly consumed directly as a snack after being graded and may be mixed with other fruits.It is also used in bakery products,in the production of chocolate and candies,and as an ingredient in the preparation of some special sweets, like paste.The juice made from dried fruits by boiling them in water can also be consumed as refreshment after cooling the juice.

Dried Figs
Dried figs are consumed in international cuisines in many different forms including pies,puddings,cakes,bread or other bakery products after being stewed or cooked;in jams,marmalades or in many sugar and confectionery products as a delicious ingredient.Dried figs have become increasingly important due to their advantage for both industrial users and individual consumers,such as longer shelf life,more concentrated taste,higher economic value and ease of use in almost all of the above mentioned areas of consumption compared to their use in fresh form.

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