Beijing Er Shang Group Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Er Shang Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Er Shang Group Co., Ltd. is a large professional market-driven state-owned food industry group, operating food cold-chain logistics, food manufacturing, slaughter and meat processing, regarding food technology, education, information, real estate development and property management as its mainstay industries.

As many as 10 thousand items of more than 20 categories fall within the scope of the Group's business line, say, pork, beef and mutton, egg products, aquatic products, seafood, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, tea, fermented bean curd, soy sauce, vinegar, spices, pastries, fruits, vegetables, pickles, soy products, beverage, refrigeration equipment, etc.

The Group regards "enhancing the people's livelihood, leading the healthy life" as its mission has establish a high standard of quality safety system to provide fresh, safe, nutritious and healthy food for residents of Beijing.

Some of their brands like “Wang zhihe”, “Tianyuan”, “Liu Bi Ju”, “Da Hong Men” meat, “Long Men”,etc. enjoy a good reputation in the market.

Add: No.2, Huai Bai Shu Street, Xuanwu, China, 100053

Tel: 010—63022020

Fax: 010-68338165

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