Dubai Central Fruits & Vegetable Market

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Born as an outcome of joint efforts and efficient contribution,this new Central Market has become a tangible reality after sucessfully completing the movement of all its operating establishment and companies from its old location at Al-Hamriya into the new site at Warsan Area on the third of July 2004.As a matter of fact,the movement of Dubai Vegetable &Fruit Central Market Comes out as a natural response towards the increased growth in the volume of vegetable and fruits trade.This new market was erected on an area of one million square meters of a total cost amounting to AED 225 Million.

In this essence,Dubai Central Vegetable &Fruits Market is considered as services-integrated shopping city embodying courtyards for direct shoppers retail-sale,retail &wholesale shops,unload squares designed for refrigerators,onion warehouses,cold storage plants,food supplies trading shops, the society and infrastructure.The market deals with thousand tons of vegetable and fruits,produces internally and imported from abroad.The new market’s location is featured with an excellent site on the Emirates highway facilitating the ability of being reached by the trucks.The new roads planned & executed by DM helped also facilitating its accessibility whether from inside or outside the country.

Due to these uderlying facts,a significant increase is expected in the trade of fruits and vegetable considering its daily assimilating capacity of goods is 16280 tons and 814 daily trucks.The estimations of market sources reveal that the volume of daily transactions amounts to AED Five Million.Besides,the market embraces a total of 257 sale-shops.184 as whole-sale shops and 73 retail-sale shops.Further, it includes three shopping squares for goods display,71 storage warehouses,65 cooling stores and 2 court-yards for unloading refrigerators assimilating for trucks and assimilates up to 442 parking spaces,also labor camps assimilating 4256 laborers and a special residence for DM laborers and employees.Moreover, the new market includes two national branch banks,a police station,a civil defense building,a post office and a clinic.It is expected that the new site will meet the future requirement until year 2012.

The increase in the present market area amounts to 4 times more than it had been at Al-Hamriya Market,since the numbers of shops have increased 40%,in addition to the possible increase of 35% in the future.

Another added value to this new market is being distant away from traffic jams inside the city center, its closeness to its outlets and transportation flexibility,especially in relation of large trucks.According to DM statistics it is expected that the market can receive around 10 thousand daily visitors.

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