Busan International Fish Market

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●Establisher: Mayer of Busan Metropolitan City

●Location: 761 Amnam-Dong, Seo-Gu, Busan Metropolitan City

●Working Expenses: 209 Billion Won (Governmental Expense 70%, City Expense 30%)

●Scale: Site 111,606㎡, Total Floor Area 111,769㎡

●Trade System: Wholesale Market Company System (Auction System).
With two Corporations Dealing with Deep-Sea, Import, and International Fisheries products and One Corporation Dealing with Coastal Fisheries products

●Opening time: 2008.9.18

●The major characteristics:

It is locate at Central Position of International Fisheries products Distribution and Other Distributions.

· Busan Harbor and Gimhae International Airport are adjacent so transport is convenient.

· Customs clearance process becomes simplified and free Trades are possible because it has been set as a Comprehensive Bonded Area.

· It will lead as a mecca of the 21st century integrative international distribution because of creation of Advanced Export Fisheries products Processing Complex, etc. in the future.

It is fully equipped with world-class high-tech facilities.

· It secures competitiveness of distribution system with the thorough division of the movements between freight car and passenger car.

· The whole process of cargo work and storage, etc. is mechanized and automatized to reduce personnel expense and distribution costs.

· It has a separate low-temperature facilities in the auction house to keep the freshness of Fisheries products.

It Establishes a Fast and Safe Operating System.

· Quick payment is possible by the introduction of electronic auction system.

· It comes to play a central role in maritime trade by the invitation of an International Fisheries products Exchange.

· Related institutions like Customs, Immigration Office, and Fisheries products Quality Inspection Service, etc. are permanently stationed and support immediate customs clearance.

· It supplies safe Fisheries products by regular Fisheries products inspection and guidance of marking of origin.

· It establishes and enacts its own hygienic management guideline and does its best to manage the quality of Fisheries products.

It Provides with the Supreme Service as a Comfortable and Convenient Rest Area for Tourists.

· It has various convenience facilities like banks, convenience stores, restaurants and cafeteria, etc.

· It has hydrophilic spaces like a bridge connected to Amnam Park and a ocean-view deck, etc.

· Large parking space is secured (1,506 cars)

●Major facilities:

Market hall, whole sale market, parking lots, freezing warehouse and storage and live fish storages.

●Distribution Procedure

Wholesale Market Company

· The operator of wholesale market that sells Fisheries products entrusted from forwarders to intermediary wholesalers and designated bulk buyers by auction

Intermediary Wholesaler

· Merchant who sells Fisheries products listed to wholesale market and mediates the sales to retailers or mass consumers after buying them up, participating in auction with the establisher's permission

Designated Bulk Buyer

· Entrepreneur who purchases massively products participating in auction with intermediary wholesaler (department store and supermarket)

Auction Manager

· Person who leads overall auction, setting auction priority, estimating price and deciding successful bidder for listed Fisheries products, belonging to wholesale market corporation

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