Guri Agricultural and Marine Wholesale Market Corporation(KAMACO)

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I. Introducing Corporatiom

Goal of Foundation

The goal is to protect both producers and consumers by reducing distribution costs and maintaining appropriate price by supplying fresh and safe agricultural and marine products to consumers and selling supplied agricultural and marine products quickly for producers as well as contributing in improving public well-being.





1991. 11

Study on basic plan for constructing wholesale market

1992. 07

Signed Administrative Agreement for the construction of wholesale market between Guri and Seoul

1994. 04

Start construction

1996. 12

Completion of Wholesale Market

1997. 06

Opened Wholesale Market


· HIghways : Gyungbu Highway, Honam Highway, Jungbu Highway, Youngdong Highway, Seoul Outer Circuitry Highway

· National Roads : No 3, 37, 44, 46

· Subways and Buses

o Exit No 6 at Guri Station, Jungang Line

o Use bus No 9-6 from Gangbyeon Station, Line No 2

o Use bus No 9-6 from Gwangnaru Station, Line No 5

o Use bus No 5-2, 202 from Sangbong Station, Line No 7

· Buses by way of the Wholesale Market

o Bus : No 1115-6, 9-6, 10-1 / Shuttle Bus : No 6


· 26 Domaesijang-gil (Inchang-dong), Guri, Gyeonggi Province 471-728

· Phone 031-560-5100 Fax 031-555-0208~3

II. Introducing Market


· Size : Land 186,575㎡, Building 134,213㎡, Parking space 2,988 lots
(Construction Costs 112.9 Billion Won, Paid by: State expenses, Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, Guri)

· Capacity : 2,389 Ton per 1 day, 836,000 Ton annually (Fresh fruits and vegetables 680,000 Ton, Marine Products 156,000 Ton)

· Target Region : Guri, Namyangju, Seoul Dongdaemum Sungbuk Jungryang Nowon Gangbuk Dobong

· Wholesale Company (Joint Market) : 5 (3 fresh fruits and vegetables, 2 marine products)

· Intermediate wholesalers (companies) : 552 (339 fresh fruits and vegetables sellers, 213 marine product sellers)

· No of people in distribution : 4,270 (Wholesale entity 220, merchants 3,430, others 620)

Features of the Wholesale Market

Guri Agricultural and Marine Products Wholesale Market Corporation is equipped with modern facilities such as unloading machineries per wholesalers, roof-covered auction houses, low-temperature storages and freezers and boasts convenient transportation to ship agricultural and marine products by being close to metropolitan beltways and with enough parking spaces. Furthermore, the Market is trying our best to provide convenience to users with various convenience amenities such as banks, convenience stores, restaurants and operation of 24-hour shipping consulting room.





FreshFruits and
Vegetables Market


· Underground : Machine room, switchboard, low-temperature storages (18 storages,4104㎡), Banana ripening rooms (6 rooms, 228㎡)

· 1Fl : Auction houses (3), Intermediate wholesalers (268)

· 2,3Fl : Wholesaler offices, rental offices

MarineProducts Market


· Underground : Machine room, switchboard, icebreaking, freezer storages (4storages, 1,560㎡), dried goods storages

· 1Fl : Auction houses (2), Intermediate wholesalers (159)

· 2Fl : Wholesaler offices, rental offices

TruckSales Block


Auctionhouse, Intermediate wholesalers offices(52)

ChiliGarlic Block


Auctionhouse, Intermediate wholesalers stores (16)

MarineProducts Block 2


Livefish, dried fish, pickles, sundry goods



Freezerstorages (54)

Wastesprocessing block


Interimprocessing of wastes and reduction facilities(Crushingpresser, Styrofoam reducer)

SewerProcessing Plant


Microorganismprocess, Marine product wastes processing



Sellingice (office, icebreaking, low-temperature storage)



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