CAWA Regulates the Edible Bird’s Nest Market Order and Promotes the Healthy Deve

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On December 27th, 2012, the 1st (2012) China Edible Bird's Nest Industry Forum, hosted by CAWA, was held in Beijing. About 120 people, including government officials, and representatives of industry organizations and enterprises from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries attended the forum. The attendees discussed issues of how to come out of the bottom, construct a new image of the market and to accomplish healthy development of China edible bird's nest industry.

As the world’s largest consumer of edible bird's nest, China is currently faced with the continuous sagging of edible bird's nest market. With the theme of “Innovation of the Supply Chain of Edible Bird’s Nest: New Model, Renewed Order, Fresh Perspective and New Development” , the 1st(2012) China Edible Bird's Nest Industry Forum conducted an analysis of the bird’s nest market culture as well as the current situation and the trends of the edible bird's bid’s nest market. At the forum, the participants introduced the import and export regulations and the WTO rules and discussed issues such as the innovation of the whole industrial chain of edible bird's nest, the processing technology and the products, the market positioning, the market conditions of the country-of -origin edible bird's nest and the new measures for swiftlets management. They also reached an agreement on strengthening the industry’s self-regulation and the credit systems so as to achieve the sound development of the industry.

Edible Bird's Nest Market Committee of China Agricultural Wholesale Markets Association ("EBMC") initiated by CAWA together with the bird’s nest industry’s renowned enterprises in China will carry out effective work to achieve product traceability, ensure food safety, regulate the development of the industry, and to maintain market order so as to promote the healthy development of the edible bird's nest industry.

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