Ceylon Tea Festival 3 Years Old!

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On April 20th, the 3rd Ceylon Tea Festival was held in Beijing. This is the 3rd year in row that CAWA and Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing join hands to exchange tea culture and promote tea trade between China and Sri Lanka. The two countries both hold a long history of tea plantation, but differ in tea culture and consumption habits. Mr. Ma, Chairman of CAWA noted in his opening speech that CAWA hopes to popularize knowledge about how to distinguish, make and taste Ceylon tea among Chinese consumers which in turn will increase sales of Ceylon tea in China. Ms. Shirani, Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of Sri Lanka in China gave a presentation about Ceylon tea, expressed her thanks to CAWA’s continuous support in promoting Ceylon Tea and vowed to stay in touch with CAWA to make the 4th Ceylon Tea Festival another big success.

The 3-year-old Festival also features participation of more Sri Lanka tea distributors who introduced major Ceylon tea brands and their respective targeted markets.

Ceylon tea is a particularly prized form of black tea produced in Sri Lanka. It has a golden color and rich, intense flavor which many tea consumers greatly appreciate, and it is used straight as well as in tea blends. Since Ceylon tea is associated with quality, the Sri Lanka Tea Board brands genuine Ceylon tea with a stamp of a lion carrying a sword. This lion logo is only used on teas grown and packed in Sri Lanka, and the teas are also tested for quality to ensure that they adequately represent the tea heritage of Sri Lanka.

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