The Opening Ceremony of Xiaoxiandun Fresh Stewed Bird's Nest Flagship Store

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On September 7, 2021, the first offline flagship storeof Xiaoxiandun Fresh Stewed Bird's Nest (hereinafter referred to as “Xiaoxiandun”) wasgrandly opened at Huamao Commercial Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. On theday of the opening ceremony, officials of Chaoyang District Bureau of Commerceof Beijing Municipality, Ms. Elsiwi, Mrs. Ambassador of Indonesian Embassy toChina, Ms. Marina, Commercial Counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy to China,Ms. Lin Lizhu, Secretary of the Indonesian ambassador, and Mr. Ma Zengjun,Chairman of the Edible Bird’s Nest Market Committee of China AgriculturalWholesale Market Association (“EBMC of CAWA” for short), jointly attended theribbon cutting ceremony and delivered a speech.

“Theopening of Xiaoxiandun flagship store is of great significance to the wholebird's nest industry,” Mr. Ma said,” Xiaoxiandun has been practicing productcategory innovation and consumer experience innovation, which has played apositive exemplary role in expanding brand influence, spreading bird's nestculture, enhancing consumers' correct understanding of bird's nest andimproving the development of bird's nest industry.” Ms. Marina said that as ahigh-quality bird's nest producing area, Indonesia has become the country withthe largest export volume to China. They are very glad to have Chineseenterprises like Xiaoxiandun to bring Indonesian high-quality bird's nest toChinese consumers, promote China-Indonesia bilateral bird's nest industryexchanges, and spread bird's nest culture with a long history of 600 years.

Ms. Elsiw,Ms. Marina and Ms. Lin Lizhu visited the product exhibition area on the firstfloor and the bird's nest culture exhibition area on the second floor ofXiaoxiandun flagship store. The bird's nest culture exhibition area shows thebird's nest culture in an all-round and three-dimensional way by restoring thevirtual scenes of the tropical rain forest and modern swiftlet house, displaying relevant historicalancient books, and exhibiting the bird's nest traceability documentary createdof Discovery team, so as to bring a new client experience to consumers.

We hopeXiaoxiandun will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and sense ofmission and play a positive exemplary role in the innovation and breakthroughof the bird's nest industry. At the same time, CAWA and the Indonesian Embassyto China will continue to maintain close friendly cooperation, and promoteChina-Indonesia trade in bird's nest and other agricultural products, in orderto help the development of bird's nest industry, spread bird's nest culture andbenefit people in two countries.

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