CAWA Participated in the “9th Business e-Meeting of the Pacific Alliance”

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From August 17 to 19, 2021, the Latin American Trade Union, formed by Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru has successfully organized the “Businesse-Meeting of the Pacific Alliance”. At the invitation of the Mexican Embassy in China, representative from international department of China Agricultural Wholesale Market Association (hereinafter referred to as “CAWA”) once again participated in the event. During the meeting, CAWA conducted one-on-one communication with 8 export enterprises respectively from the Pacific Alliance on the information of companies and agricultural products, thus increasing the understanding of agricultural products of Latin American countries through this communication.

The Pacific Alliance exporters attending this year provided manyhigh-quality agricultural products, covering industries including: suppliers ofprocessed food, meat, fresh and frozen fruits, dried and dehydrated fruits,aquaculture and seafood, coffee, cocoa and cocoa products, spirits andalcoholic beverages, etc. Among these, avocados, bananas, limes, mangoes, blueberries and other fresh fruits are the focus of CAWA for communication, representatives from CAWA international department conducted in-depth and friendly communication with Latin American exporters.

For export enterprises that have plans to expand the Chinese market and whose products include competitive fresh fruits that have been allowed to export to China, CAWA has conducted one-to-one online and post conference communication, collected information and integrated resources, so asto lay a solid foundation for the further communication between Chinese CAWA member units and Pacific Alliance exporters.

The following enterprises exchanged their views one-to-one with CAWA:

1. Servicecol Ltd., Colombia (Avocado,banana, lemon, yam)

2. Daabon Ltd., Colombia (Avocado, banana, lime)

3. Jardin exotics.,Colombia (Passion fruit,avocado)

4. MW company, Mexico (Avocado, etc.)

5. Vallevel Ltd.,Mexico (Avocado, avocadooil)

6. Cotrina Exports Ltd., Peru (Olive, mushroom,frozen mango)

7. Madre de Dios Forest Association, Peru (Nut,etc.)

8. Terra Andes Honey Ltd., Chile (Honey, etc.)

Logo of the “9th Business e-Meeting of the Pacific Alliance”

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