China-Egypt Fruit Match-making and Exchange Webinar

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On August 17, 2021, the Economic and Commercial Bureau at the Embassy of the A.R. of Egypt (hereinafter referred toas ‘the Bureau’) in China witnessed the success of the China-Egypt Fruit Match-making and Exchange Webinar. The meeting was co-hosted by the Bureau and China Agricultural Wholesale Market Association (CAWA). Mr. Ahmed Zaki Mahmoud, Minister Commercial of the Egyptian Embassy in Beijing, attended the meeting and gave the opening remark, and Mr. Ma Zengjun, Chairman of CAWA, delivered aspeech. Others present at the meeting included: Mrs. Mahitab Ibrahim fromCommercial Counselor of the Bureau, Mr. Lu Liping from the Bureau, Agriculture Export Council, Horticultural Export Improvement Association, 27 Egyptian exporters, Ms. Wang Lijuan and Ms. Liu Jiayu of CAWA International Department and 8 members of CAWA.

Mr. Ma Zengjun (Right), Chairman of CAWA and Mr. Ahmed Zaki Mahmoud (Left), Minister Commercial of the Egyptian Embassy in Beijing

As of today, Egyptian fruits that have been approved to the Chinese market include fresh citrus, fresh grapes, freshand dried Barhi & Medjool dates, and frozen strawberries. At the same time,the Egyptian government and China Customs are communicating actively about the export access of mango and pomegranate to China. Egyptian fruit exports to China dropped last year due to COVID-19 pandemic. To change the situation and promote the growth of Egyptian fruit exports to China, the Egyptian side hopes to hold meetings with CAWA, to further understand related concerns such as Chinese dealers' evaluation of Egyptian fruit, consumers' preference forproducts and market promotion, and to find an effective way to solve the practical problems including inconsistent sizes with contracts and unstable quality of fruit reported by Chinese dealers in the trade.

China-Egypt FruitMatch-making and Exchange Webinar

During the meeting, Mr. Ahmed Zaki Mahmoudthanked Mr. Ma Zengjun and CAWA team for assisting in preparing this webinar and spoke highly of the efforts of CAWA to promote agricultural trade between China and Egypt and the friendly relations and cooperation between CAWA and the Bureau. Over the years, CAWA has been committed to bridging the Egyptian fruit exporters and Chinese dealers. According to Chairman Ma, China has a large consumption market. Egyptian exporters should improve themselves in fields suchas market promotion, product advantages, integrity degree in trade based on the feedback of Chinese importers to strengthen international competitive advantages of products and companies. In this way, Egyptian exporters can builda long-term, mutual-trust and stable cooperative relationship with Chinese importers. Minister Zaki highly recognized and praised Chairman Ma's proposalson promoting agricultural trade between China and Egypt and hoped to see a growth in Egyptian fruit export to China next year after this webinar. This online conference enhanced the communication and cooperation of agricultural trade between China and Egypt, further delivering the shared aspiration to benefit people in two countries.

Mr. Ma Zengjun, Chairman of CAWA Having In-depth Discussion with the Bureau

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